Dragonfruit is good for diabetics

While most children nowadays recognize dragonfruit from playing Fruit Ninja on their iPads, I found out that dragonfruit is actually good for diabetics.

image from brothersfarmersmarket.com

Not only is the fruit a good source of Vitamin C, it also helps lower blood glucose level, which is great for people with type 2 diabetes. In some countries, people even use dragonfruit as a substitute for rice and other sources of carbohydrates. Even if you aren’t a diabetic, benefits of eating the fruit also include neutralizing toxic substances such as heavy metal. It’s also a good source of anti-oxidants which help fight free radicals (wikipedia.org and brothersfarmersmarket.com).

In the Philippines, go to Mahogany Market in Tagaytay for the best priced dragonfruits — P80 per kilo for the white variety and P70 for the red one. The fruit is also sold in Shopwise but at P70 per piece since it’s supplied by Dole. It is also available in Market! Market! for P180 per kilo (near the outdoor foodcourt). I think the red one is cheaper because it’s more messy, though it doesn’t really stain your hands, and it  kinda causes discoloration you when you do no. 1 and 2. The red variety also spoils faster than the white ones.

The white dragonfruit is the more common variety. The red one tends to have a thinner outer layer.

The fruit is best eaten chilled, the texture is similar to the papaya but a little bit more grainy. It’s like the bland version of papaya, it doesn’t have much taste. You don’t have to spit out the seeds, you won’t even feel that they’re there. Overall, it doesn’t taste as bad as you’d think, considering all the health benefits that you’ll get from eating it.


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